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Was werde ich lernen?

  • The basic concepts of Trello and Kanban
  • Setting up specific Trello boards for managing personal tasks, team projects and business operations
  • Setting up automation between Trello and other platforms and services
  • Applying the different parts of the "Getting Things Done" framework to your Trello boards
  • Setting up weekly and monthly based frameworks
  • Extending Trello's functions by using add-ons


Was steckt hinter NAWKO (Copy 1)
Erfahre, was hinter NAWKO steckt, was sind unsere Pläne.

  • NAWKO in kurz (Copy 1)
  • Technischer Fortschritt (Copy 1)
  • Lektionsentwurf (Copy 1)
  • Die Prüfung (Copy 1)